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Are you struggling with calculating percentages? Whether you’re a student working on math problems or an individual in need of percentage calculations for various tasks, understanding how to calculate percentages is an essential skill. In this article, we will walk you through the process of calculating percentages, provide helpful tips, and introduce you to convenient tools such as a percentage calculator. So let’s dive in and unlock the world of percentages!

1. Introduction

In our daily lives, percentages play a crucial role. They help us understand proportions, express ratios, and analyze data effectively. Whether you want to determine discounts, calculate grades, or compare statistics, having a solid grasp of percentage calculations is invaluable.

2. What Are Percentages?

Percentages represent parts per hundred and are widely used to express proportions and ratios. The symbol “%” denotes percentages. For instance, if you see a price reduction of 20%, it means the price has decreased by 20 parts out of 100.

3. How to Calculate Percentages

Calculating percentages involves simple arithmetic. To find the percentage of a value, follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine the Base Value

The base value is the number from which you want to find the percentage. For example, if you want to calculate 20% of 100, the base value is 100.

Step 2: Identify the Percentage

Decide on the percentage you wish to calculate. In our example, the percentage is 20%.

Step 3: Apply the Formula

To calculate the percentage, multiply the base value by the percentage divided by 100.

Percentage = Base Value * (Percentage / 100)

Step 4: Interpret the Result

The resulting value represents the calculated percentage. In our example, 20% of 100 is 20.

4. Calculating Percentages from a Number

Another common scenario is finding the percentage value of a number. Let’s say you have a value and want to determine what percentage it represents of another value. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine the Number

Identify the value you want to convert into a percentage. For instance, if you have 75 apples out of a total of 150, 75 is the number you want to calculate as a percentage.

Step 2: Identify the Total

Find the total value or the whole amount. In our example, the total number of apples is 150.

Step 3: Apply the Formula

To calculate the percentage, divide the number by the total and multiply by 100.

Percentage = (Number / Total) * 100

Step 4: Interpret the Result

The resulting value represents the percentage representation of the number. In our example, 75 out of 150 is 50%.

5. Percentage Calculator: Simplifying the Process

To make percentage calculations quicker and more convenient, you can utilize online percentage calculators. These tools allow you to input the necessary values and instantly obtain the results. A percentage calculator eliminates the need for manual calculations, saving you time and effort.

6. Percentage Calculation for Marks

Percentage calculation is frequently used in academic settings to determine grades and assess performance. By using the following formula, you can easily calculate your marks’ percentage:

Percentage = (Obtained Marks / Total Marks) * 100

This formula helps students understand their academic achievements and provides a clear overview of their performance.

7. Percentage Increase Formula

Calculating percentage increase allows you to determine the difference between two values in terms of a percentage. The formula to calculate percentage increase is as follows:

Percentage Increase = ((New Value - Original Value) / Original Value) * 100

This formula enables you to quantify the increase or decrease in a value, such as the price difference before and after a discount.

8. CGPA to Percentage Calculator

For students using the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system, converting CGPA to a percentage can be useful in certain situations. Several universities and institutions require percentage equivalents for admission or evaluation purposes. You can use online CGPA to percentage calculators to simplify the process.

9. Percentage Calculation in Excel

Microsoft Excel offers built-in functions that allow you to calculate percentages effortlessly. By using formulas such as “Percentage of Total” or “Percentage Change,” you can perform complex percentage calculations quickly and accurately.

10. Conclusion

Calculating percentages is an essential skill that finds application in various fields, including academics, finance, and everyday tasks. By understanding the fundamental concepts and formulas, you can confidently calculate percentages, determine proportions, and analyze data. Remember to utilize helpful tools like percentage calculators to streamline the process and save time.

In conclusion, calculating percentages is a fundamental skill that empowers you to interpret data, determine proportions, and make informed decisions. By following the outlined steps and utilizing tools like percentage calculators, you can streamline the process and save valuable time. So go ahead, embrace the world of percentages, and enhance your problem-solving abilities!


Example 1: 

20 is what percentage of 40?


We know that Percentage, % = (Value/Total value) ×100 

Therefore, percentage = (20/40) ×100 

= 2000/40

= 50%

Hence, 20 is 50% of 40.

Example 2: 

What is 10% of 50?


We know that Percentage, % = (Value/Total value) ×100 

Let value = b and total value = a

Hence, the formula becomes, p% = b/a

Now, we have to find “b”

Substitute the values in the formula,

10% = b/50

(10%) × 50 = b

b = 0.1 x 50

b = 5

Hence, 10% of 50 is 5.


Absolutely! All you need is a basic understanding of percentages and the ability to perform simple arithmetic.

Yes, you can use shortcuts such as dividing by 10 or multiplying by 0.01 to calculate percentages mentally.

Yes, there are numerous smartphone apps available that offer percentage calculation features.

You can practice by solving math problems, working with real-life examples, or using online resources that provide percentage-related exercises.

It depends on the requirements of the institution or organization you are dealing with. Some may require percentage equivalents, while others may accept CGPA as is.

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